Temper… Temper…

It is possible to get angry on the situation without getting mad on people involved. We just have to understand them. We have to move one pace ahead. People are filled with emotions and they tend to be carried away by it anytime. We who understand, have to make allowance. It’s not easy to deal with it, but as we don’t want unnecessary clash, we have to make adjustments. If we oppose with angry person(s) we end up in rage, and you can tell where you are heading into.

Smile. Keep your feet standing firmly. It’s true that sometimes, things get out of control. Moreover, these turn our nerves. Well, let’s work our ways out.

We are matured enough to be lured by these booby traps of the enemy.

We deserve to experience life favorably. When we start things right, we will save time and efforts fixing for unnecessary troubles. Moreover, we can focus on how to make life easier to deal with and to live with.

True, life’s tough. You have to be strong and discerning so you will live each day fruitfully, and when you retire to sleep, you knew you’d spent this day worthy and productively.

-albert2jc / 22nd march 2011


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