if i will be asked…

…of who I wish I might be
I prefer to be an actor
who can choose what face to wear
so I can uplift others, even I can’t lift mine
…of what beauty is
I will define it as myself
Because I have a doubt defining other’s beauty if I have a doubt in my own
…of what madness is
I will define it as a blamegame in the garden of eden
Should they just repent, we are all saved today instead.
…of what the greatest treasure is
Then it is the salvation that Jesus Christ has to offer
No one died and rose again in the course of history but Him alone, right?
But no one dared to ask
So I proclaimed, I declared, I shouted, I screamed out the reality!
Then I kept silent….i had enough…I have to rest.

This blog entry was originally posted on my friendster blogsite dated 22nd November 2008


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