A lot of people spend lots of time wasting to something before they finally realize what they are up to. It’s a sad feeling realizing that you’re keeping yourself busy to something that you never anticipated will be taken away from you. It’s such a regret focusing to this one day and to that the other day. What’s left on the previous ones you’d focused before? Yeah, wasted.

If only we find time to appreciate the goodness of people around us, we should had lived a better life. Let’s appreciate people who do wondrous deeds for us, as well as those who simply staying with us – coz a lot of friends come and go, and we have to hurtfully accept that one day, they will be gone for good. So take time to be with them while we can reach them. We occassionally move away from our friends, right?

Consistency. We have to be consistent to what we say or do. Never make a truce to someone unless you can fight for it. If you can’t keep a word, simply don’t say it. And if you had made yours, you can apologize and take your word back, but it will take a lot of time and proving before you can win back their trust. Love can be renewed in a single conversation/agreement. But trust takes time to build, and if wrecked, takes much more time to rebuild.

Circumstances vary, but faith of an individual should be firm enough to stand the test of time. We can’t afford to completely trust to someone whose faith is frail. We have to keep our faith strong. We can stumble along the way, we can get weak, vulnerable, but we are strong because our God is always strong. I guess you will agree with me that no weakness could be found in Him. So let’s trust the God of our fathers. The God who made the heavens and the earth is the same God that we talk with at the end of the day. He is the same God that hears on our prayers and supplications. He is the consistent God that understands your wisdom and foolishness. He directs you in His holiness. Don’t lie to God, He can hear you.

We could settle into something and feel satisfied in some period of time. But sometimes, burn-out tends to consume us. Those routinary works, programmed activities, preoccupied thinking tend to weaken us if not make us sour. Get on your knees, pray to God. Perhaps, you’re just missin’ Him.

We have a reason to celebrate. We have all the right to smile to everyone. Sometimes it’s really nice to deal with smiling people than those who frown. We can’t trust those who shout on us. We cannot find peace with those who are selfish. We simply not one of them. When you are in the crowd, the only trait that distinguishes you from them is your lifestyle. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by living a holy life. Keep yourself away from evil thoughts. Seek other man’s welfare, as long as it’s cool and promotes lovingkindness and charity as well.

Our goal is to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

This blog entry was originally posted on my friendster blogsite dated 22nd November 2008


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