Making a Point

People are entitled to see for themselves what they want to see. They are privileged to comment and say what they want to say. I know I am still on the process. I have lots of room for improvement. I have lots of “growing-ups” to do. But let no one hinder me from boasting of the goodness and mercy of my Lord Jesus Christ. As I’m wearing a garment of righteousness, I am aware if someone tries to throw mud of dirt in me. And I am very annoyed. Not to be self-righteous, but I want people to be considerate not to treat me as they see “me”. I am not who they think I am. I am walking in righteousness, and if they have a problem with that, let it bothers me no more. I know God will make a stand for me. I know that there is in store for me a crown or righteousness. It’s not superficial accomplishments and limelight that matters. Those hidden smile of a wicked, those praises from a tongue used into lying, those lips that trashtalk without hesitation, those who are turning their backs from their friends without regret, those who sin in their anger, those who are proud of their wrongdoings. The clock is ticking. I still have a heart for them. Even they’re accusing me of acts that in fact, they’re the one doing those (I am laughing now). I know and I believe that God will stand on my behalf. And I am still praying for God to spare them in His judgment. I still have a heart for them. When God strike them, may they still have grace to turn their backs on their evil ways and go back to the bible, to the righteousness of God.


-albert2jc / 17th august 2011


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