This is a concept of having different perspective in every situation. When we see a glass half-filled with water, do we see it as half-filled or half-emptied? Of course, we’ll say that it’s half-filled as it looks that way. But how many of us in real life are sulking for their half-filled glass, thinking that it’s half-emptied?

Let’s practice the “half-filled glass” principle. It’s half-filled because we are supposed to fill-up the gap. That’s our part. God, in His sovereignty, poured out His love and provision for us. Let’s work out the remaining half.

Our glass is not supposed to be filled-up for a long time. When we are filled-up, let’s pour out our love and compassion for other people. We are called to glorify God through our lives. Let’s not sit back and relax, enjoying the luxury and pleasure of being blessed. Let’s share our blessings. A lot of people are needed to be filled up. Let your joy be shared with the sorrowful. Let your laughter be shared with those teary-eyed. Accompany the lonely, comfort the grieving soul. Lift up the frustrated spirit. Be a blessing to others. Life goes on and on, and each day is unique from each other. Who knows, time will come that you’re having the half-filled glass for so long, that people will come to you to fill-up the gap. Then you will be filled with joy and gladness.

Let’s go with the purity of your water. Make sure that what you are sharing will benefit the recipient. If you harbor peace and joy, then you are creating a water of life and blessing. Never share negative emotions like hatred, envy, and self-centeredness. These will not ruin yourself alone, but also those who are receiving your water. Keep your glass so pure. You’ll never know the effect of sharing negative emotions to others. Instead of worrying how these negative emotions can ruin people’s lives all around you, let these negative emotions die down within us. If we are going to share these to someone, let’s make sure the recipient is strong enough to handle these negative emotions. Let love conquer all difficulties.

On other perspective, let’s spill off those that are not beneficial. Let your glass carry sweet, pure water of life. Let His Word be shared from one glass to another. Keep ourselves so pure. Keep sweet. Stay happy. Let the beauty of His holiness define us.

-albert2jc / 25th august 2011


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