Lessons Learned From Mistakes

A lot of lessons are being learned as we go along with our lives. We know that every decision we make follows the cause-and-effect motion. Sometimes, we’re prepared for the drawbacks. Sometimes, we don’t see ‘em coming. There’s much more things to learn in this life. There’s much more efforts to give for us to live an exciting, successful life. Let’s lead our lives to the fullest potential. Keep our eyes so sharp and let’s expand our sphere of influence and fill every gap we roll on along the way.

I’m learning my lessons very well in three different ways.

Firstly, I’d learned from the mistakes of the past. The generations ahead of us demonstrated the effects of every decision they made. Haven’t Jonah disobeyed God’s instruction to preach to the people of Niniveh, he will not stay on fish’ belly for few days. Haven’t Saul burned the offering, he wouldn’t been dethroned. That area of learning experience is very helpful for us to avoid committing again the same mistakes they had made. We will be foolish if we casually say that we will yield different result this time have we made the same mistakes they made.

Secondly, I’m learning my lessons from the mistakes of others. I watch some people falling on my left side, and some people falling on my right side. I know that have I not make the same mistakes they made, I have a high possibility of winning. Every person’s life is a testimony. We can’t just mess up with ourselves and casually say that “it’s my life, you have nothing to do with it!” Actually almost all people around you have something to do with us. And we have something to do with them. Life is a series of interpersonal – interrelational – interpersonal cycle. We do what we think, and we react by what other people do. If I manage myself to come clean and never go to prison for whatever crime or violation, then I have a high possibility of living a quiet life. If I manage to control myself, then I might save myself from lots of troubles.

Thirdly, I’d learned from my own mistakes. I knew I have to go through the process for me to grow into maturity. I have my own version of disobedience at times, and I have my share of doubts. I have my room of insecurities and inferiorities. I have my own fears and anxieties. I’m struggling in some areas over and over again. What I’d learned here is the willpower. There is something inside every man the will to rise up after the falling. That something is the guts that we all possess. We are aiming into higher heights. And I am learning through the series of mistakes I’d made. I know, right after every process I’m experiencing, something good is going to happen. Something beautiful is on it’s way!

Let’s weigh everything in a fair perspective. Somehow we have to understand that it’s normal to make mistake. We’re on the process. If we fail, let’s not fail to learn a lesson out of it. Before we knew, we are more careful and cautious. We can’t control to what extent the impact of every decision we make, but we can control how to decide. We can control ourselves.

Finally, friends, let’s not settle in a fallacy that if you are wrong, then I am right. What if both of us are wrong? Then we’re in trouble. 🙂

God bless you!

-albert2jc / 25th august 2011


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