Thy Word…

“Thy Word is the light unto my feet and the lamp unto my path.”

That’s the phrase that changed my life forever. I used to think on my own,walk on my own. Almost everyday, I’m ending up frustrated, being a failure. The only consolation I have is that i have no one but myself to blame. That’s my life of walking blindly.

I am but a person who could testify that my life was changed by my Saviour, being loved by God thru our Lord Jesus Christ. Everyday, my life’s being molded to fit to His will and purposes. I’d learned that it’s not all about me. Having life is not getting everything revolve all around you, rather, having God be the epicenter of our being. Through giving our lives to Jesus, then we will have life, ironically. I am just a man carrying unpopular statement in hand, but i can guarantee that Jesus changed my life. He can change yours, too.


What do you think?

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