i want to talk about myself

Well, it’s kind of weird at times like this that i am sitting in my bed. 🙂 I am just a man with vivid imagination. Yeah, i know that. 🙂 i am actually feeling “makwento” (a mood of want to talk).

I want to begin by time-travelling from here to the day I’d lifted up my feet from my homeland. I am working here in Qatar as expatriate. I’d got a descent job, slim salary, have a high morale, and safe and sound here. I’m encountering pressures side by side though. Most of the time I’m broke. Admit it, my friend. Lots of people are broke not because it’s their fault. Partly,perhaps, but it’s a learning process. How can i appreciate abundance if I’d never in my life wanted? I’m not having this poverty mentality that I am contented to what I am now. I’m just not getting into rush that I might forget learning important lessons in life. It’s better to learn few good things today, than to unlearn lots of bad things. Point taken, I’m getting there!

Few months had passed, and I am missing my wife even more! I miss those short moments we’d been together. As you might be aware of, we’re just married. I’d watched the trailer of Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo, a soap opera shoot here in Doha, Qatar. The main characters have similar stories as I have. They just got married and the guy flew off from the Philippines to Doha, Qatar to provide immediate needs and secure their future. The sad part is that he’d fallen in love once again with his ex-girlfriend who happened to be there in Qatar as well. Coincidence? They call it fate, i call it storyline (kiddin’)

Man, I’m missin’ my wife. I guessed I’d just said that 🙂

All I know right now is that God, in His sovereign power and mercy, will guide both of us as we travel this road called life together. Yes, we’re geographically separated, but my prayers reached God, and God heard her prayers for me. And as these young prayerful married couple are traveling together, so are His blessings and goodness and mercy will follow wherever they will go. When God guides, He provides.

That’s all I know. Whatever the situation is, no matter how ugly it looks like on the outside, the inside of us that matters. God will decide the circumstances. I firmly believe that whether we believe or not, if God decided to crush you, then you will be crushed. However it takes faith to make things happen. Ironic isn’t it? But that’s the way of the Lord. Because we have to act on our faith. Pray, then work it out!

Am i going somewhere? I apologize this gettin’ nowhere. I just missin’ my wife (oopssie, did I said it again?) 🙂


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