What I’m Avoiding in Facebook News Feed

  • Uhm…Hate Statuses

Need to say more? One of the reasons why i’m avoiding scrolling down my facebook News Feed is seeing these supposedly awkward and/or embarrasing statuses. I mean, c’mon! if you hate someone, send a PM! The irony is that the whole world might knew you’re angry to someone without him/her knowing it!

Grudges.. Let ’em go.. We need someone to talk to.. to take it out of our chest.. Don’t flood my NewsFeed with hate statuses guys. You don’t want to be misinterpreted, so be straightforward and don’t post for all the world to see.

It seems a big deal to me. Yes, it is. Ethics in writing please.. Guys, you should learn basically about it.

  • Game Notifications

I don’t play facebook games. I found it annoying that’s why i’m turning it off everytime i’m receiving game invitations. A little privacy here.

  • Multi-Level Network Marketing Campaign

With due respect, i admire hardworking, industrial people. What I don’t get is flashing some calculations of how many dollars (or whatever currency it is in the region) that person is earning every month, and if, with little effort, will increase further – accompanied by cheques they’re receiving. I found it annoying when i’m not in good mood (ok, i’ll avoid facebook when i’m having a bad day, right.. *wink).

  • Being tagged in stuffs to purchase online

Had you experienced such before? Those ‘free shipping’ teaser? What i don’t get is why am i being tagged for woman’s duster?? I’m straight dude, by the way. I hate untagging myself but i rather do than staying tagged (along with unsuspecting fb users).

  • Gruesome Images

Ever seen of a baby with about 10 or more tubes all around his/her body in I.C.U. with a caption claiming that each share will cost a few bucks (ranging from 1$/share) to be paid by facebook. C’mon! There are images that are not fit to be seen in public view! Doctors, nurses, medical practitioners are trained to withstand these but spare the rest of the world!

  • Misleading Information

Some posts like ‘beware of this man, armed and dangerous’ is helpful IF what the person claimed in the caption is absolutely true. Otherwise, the person in photo is subject to online bullying he/she’s not deserved to be treated of.

Life-saving tips posted online are not always true. Do some research before assuming something. Not all information are accurate.



What do you think?

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