On Leaving

It’s a typical business scene that someone will be leaving. As we greet with courtesy newcomers, so we pat shoulders of those who leave. You can hear remarks such as “good luck in your career,” “we’ll see each other again,” “don’t you dare to come back!” (i like the last comment..hehe..)

I can’t help but wonder that we encounter different people for a reason. It’s not a freak of nature that your boss is there yelling for you. It’s not horrible coincidence that you found yourself rock-bottom. It’s not the tip of magic wand that made you a manager of your department.

Whatever effect people around you may have caused, always remember that they all play vital role in your personal growth. Your character is being developed. Admit it, you are more matured with them. So greet everyone with a smile. They deserve it! You’ll never know when you will part ways so enjoy each other’s company.

What do you think?

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