In His Hands

At some point in my life I tend to go on my own especially when I assume I can handle the job. How many times have I stumbled out of self-reliance? once.. twice.. I will lose count! There are times that I ask (if blame is rude) God why I’m dealing with sufferings I am into only to realize that I dismissed His assistance for the first place. In my shame and embarrassment, I’m blaming myself. I took comfort in sulking. It’s not a good idea but there are times that it doesn’t matter anyway. I’m just having a moment.

As I travel in this journey, I realized that there’s no point of going into that cycle of blamegame. Every lessons are best learned thru mistakes. It’s acceptance that God in His lovingkindness is patient in us and will never leave us. That plan, is the mystery God wants to reveal to you. Everyone has a masterplan, it’s up to us to execute and allow God to guide us along the way.

I’m confident that everything I’d been, I’m getting into, and will experience in the future are essential to achieve the plan that God designed for me to fulfill. It’s the peace of mind that everything rest in His hands, we need nothing to worry about. God, in His power and might, is faithful to finish the work He began in us [~Phil. 1:6].

God bless!


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