…And Then The Idea Flew Out Of My Head

If I am carrying a notebook with me always, I must’ve written lots of brilliant ideas. I’m a thinker. I am convinced that there must be a reason in everything. That random act, that isolated reactions, that unprovoked motion – that must be started from something! I love to see the concept beyond innovations. I want to witness radical change. That force is vital for growth and development. I want to discover that.

In one of my “me” moments, I am focusing on how I can be of influence around me. I’m analyzing my behavioral patterns to enable me to act properly as circumstances arise. I am a happy person, and I want to keep it that way 🙂

This is one of my posts wherein I wrote the title and stitch my way into it. I found out that it’s not a wise approach. I have something in mind when I wrote the title, and something else when I started writing. A typical example of having the idea flew out of my head.

Sometimes I start writing, letting my emotions flow in a stroke of my fingertips, then I allow the title speak the product of my post. I found it comfortable and more personalized.

In life, it’s not about the title you are carrying. It’s about your character, that’s what matters.


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