There’s Something About The Song

If you are a music lover like me, you might pick few songs that you can sing your life with. There are songs that fit just right to our current mental and emotional state. Below are the songs that reflect much of my “innermost being.”

Beauty From Pain (Superchick)

Yeah, you read it right. It’s a sad song actually. There are emotions we choose to leave unsaid, silent in the dark. And then there’s hope. It’s like thinking out of circumstances you are into. It’s the hope that matters.


I bet you saw it coming. The song is like Warrior is a Child by Gary V. It’s the reality contrary to what people are seeing in us outwardly. No matter how tough we are, deep inside there’s something that longs to be just fine. My favorite line is “… looking for special things inside of me.”


Not we’re getting depressed 🙂 It’s about getting tired of proving himself, saying that “it’s me! I don’t care whether you agree or not. it’s me!” There are times I’m taking comfort of listening to this song. It’s a realization that it’s not only me that feel that way. Well, I’m not crazy, i’m just a little unwell. 🙂

In The End

This ride is getting bumpy. Here’s for the people who are being unappreciated by the people around them. This one’s for us.

Wait and See

I featured this song in one of my posts. I’m so in love with this song, it reflects most of my early life struggling for my worth. You know what I mean.

Note: You may view the entire playlist here. This is a post on progress, feel free to check once in a while. Thanks!


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