I’m having a great day today

And i want to keep it that way

Way to go!



Indeed, I had a great day! Have you ever felt a dilemma of unpleasant situation (i.e. stress, trials, tribulations of many kind hehe..) that’s destined to ruin your so-called ‘happy day’? You know, balance, yin-yang. You’re happy now to be sad later. You’re rich now to beg later. Well, we can’t help but agree with this notion sometimes because IT’s really happening (on me to say at least).

At times I’m in denial trying to prove that NO ONE  can ruin my day. However, we have emotions, and when emotion is on the line we’re helpless. As I mature, I learned that whether we hold on to our emotions or gave in with the pressure, at the end of the day we stand our ground. Your action defines your current state, your succeeding actions form a pattern, and it shapes our behavior. This pattern confirms people’s impression on us. We have to be careful. If you can’t be nice at all times at least be unpredictable *wink

This is my subjective opinion, I stand to be corrected. Nevertheless, I had a great day.

Peace yow! 🙂


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