Book Reading… For A Change

As this year pulls its silver lining (metaphor is intended), I’m pondering with something cool to start the next promising year. Then the idea struck me: why don’t I do the book reading marathon? This thought is triggered by nocturnal mom’s post in fb group #TheFaultInOurBlogs. *Shoutout* which is addressed to moms only (how could you?haha) I am tempted to comment but hesitated because the post is intended for momshies hehe. I’ll start an advocacy that men do read books also haha.

I actually  read e-books, but something inside urges me to read in paperbacks just like old days. 

So today, I purchased a book entitled “The Widow.” To be consistent, as soon as I finish reading this book, I will buy new one. I want to know my phasing. Few years back, I can finish one novel in two weeks (reading time: after office hours). I’ll not beat myself to death to achieve/surpass this speed. I will focus on masticating the book, contemplating, reflecting. My doubt is, do I still possess the patience and interest to finish this? Time will tell 🙂

I appreciate your tips and tricks on this. Calling all the bookworms out there 🙂




This is worth-reading. I’m in page 135 🙂 this is progress, looks like i can finish this before christmas yey! I only realized now that I intend to start next year. Can’t help it, have to strike while the iron is hot.


Done 🙂 This novel hooked me up in no time. 

Not unless I’ll be busy days ahead, i am looking forward for one more book before closing this year #finger-crossed


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