Book Review: Bullseye

This is one of the bestselling novel by James Patterson with Michael Ledwidge portraying a Detective Michael Bennett thriller.

As the title suggested, the story centers on failed assassination attempt on US president. This involves conspiracies among ranks and sparks controversies between rival countries – which could lead on a next world war.

I love how the authors describe technical specifications of assassin’s choice of weapon. This is what I’m actually after. I also like how the strategies are being laid down.

I just don’t like the ending though. Inasmuch as I appreciate it, I found it unconvincing that the assassin whom you are after in the course of the novel shall be…i have to stop here *spoiler alert*

Actions are fast-paced, political tensions are realistic, and how each scenario connects together is a genius’ work.

I can’t help but visualize Detective Bennett as the guy from tv series 24 😀

This novel is a treat, get yours 😊


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