#0016 – Morning chat

Dear dad,

I woke up this morning with an urge to talk. Sounds are mumbling as I try to utter words only me can understand. Mom is alao in a mood to chat. I stare at her as she keep talking, interacting with me. Every make-face brings smile in her face. Little did she knew that I’m trying (instinctively) to imitate her.

See snapshot below of our morning chat.

Here are the videos the other day. Dad, I’m making progress!

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First Video

Second Video

#0014 – Crawling

Dear dad,

As you know, I learned how to make ‘dapa.’ As I just can’t get enough, I just learned new skill today. I can crawl!

As awkward as it looks like, I crawl by pushing myself head-on – literally. I push my head forward, followed by my hands and feet. Mom will show you a video one day. You’ll be surprise how fast my learning phase is. The world has so much to offer, I can’t afford to slow down *wink

…just before I roll.


#0010 – Life was Like a Box of Chocolate

“you never know what you gonna get.”


Dear dad,

I’m keeping mom awake at night. I’m adapting with my new world – without you yet. But I knew I have your love, I can live with that for now. 

My first month is full of excitement. People gather all around me adoring me with gladness. Well, I can get used to it 🙂

I am too fragile. But I always move my arms and legs, can’t help it – force of habit. They called me kangkarot, must’ve referring to me moving jerkily. Mom said I inherited from you 🙂

By the way, I’ve got your eyes.  

#0009 – Hello World!

Dear dad,


That sound thrilled me. It’s my mom’s waterbag exploding! Today is my day – yey!

But I can’t move, am entangled with my umbi cord. #goCSgo! [Cesarean] 🙂

I waited patiently… 

Then I felt a hand scooping me out!

The first glimpse of light frightened me to the bone. I want to go back to my comfort zone. I cried, in complete panic. I kept my eyes closed, i can’t stand the light beaming above me. I felt a snap on my cord. Then a warm damp cloth rubbed all over my body. I was wrapped in a soft clothes afterwards. I’m literally struggling, dad. Where’s mom? 

I was then nursed, together with other babies. I can’t count but I assume they’re more than fingers on my hands and feet combined. There, I cry when I’m hungry, sometimes cry for no reason at all. I can tell I’m good at it! 🙂

After few hours that seem like eternity for me, I was transferred to a room where mom is resting. She’s sleeping, looks like she’s still high on drugs injected in her system. You know dad, I cried to catch her attention and guess what? She’s sleeping but her hand finds its way on me. She holds me close to her, unconsciouly. That’s a first connection, a sweet embrace. What a relief!

You know me dad, I just can’t get enough. I cried louder, and as I cry I realize I’m hungry. She woke up, whispering words of assurance. I felt safe.

I looked at her. I can’t see clearly yet though. Had you ever opened your eyes underwater? That’s what my vision is now. Go ahead you can try, dad.

Then I heard my grandma, she’s talking to me sweetly. She feels sorry I’ve got her nose. I’m puzzled. Nevertheless, I’m too young for stereotypes 🙂

I heard you called mom. She’s speaking to you thru phone. Interesting gadget eh? I cried to show off, had you heard? I bet you did!

I haven’t see you yet dad. When will you come home?